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Oct 14th, 2016
Lee Fernandes

Three JavaScript Libraries to Star on Github

As a software engineer I dedicate a reasonable amount of time not only to being aware of emerging libraries, but...

Oct 6th, 2016
Drew Coffman

The Future of Consumer Connections — A Google Tale

This week Google announced their next flagship phone, the Google Pixel, while at the same time revealing the futures of...

Sep 30th, 2016
Gabe Lopez

Pioneering a New Space

2016 has been an incredible year for Brave People — our best yet. But among all the aspects of growth, our...

Sep 22nd, 2016
Andy Weir

Chew the Meat; Spit out the Bones

I think we can all agree that our social media feeds are oversaturated. A benefit today is that we are...

Sep 9th, 2016
Lauren Palumbo

Writing for Web & Why it Matters

A simple first step to improving your user experience is understanding how people consume content online. Using trusted research we...

Aug 31st, 2016
Bryce Walter

The Balance of Beautiful vs. Functional UX/UI Design

As designers we all experience the combative relationship between technical requirements and visual design aspirations. So how do we get...

Aug 24th, 2016
Lee Fernandes

Bringing Squarespace Data to your React Native App

Let's say you have a Squarespace website, maybe a photography based template loaded with glorious photos, and you want to...

Aug 18th, 2016
John Miseroy

3 Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Need some new photo inspiration? We’ve got you covered. With millions of photos uploaded to Instagram every hour things...

Aug 11th, 2016
Ben Lopez

Design Adaptability — Playing to Your Strengths

How do you keep things "one hunnid" and at the same time deliver exactly what the clients wants? Being adaptable...

Aug 3rd, 2016
Travis Dykes

But Why? — Creating Purpose-Driven Websites

If you work at a digital agency or freelance, almost every potential client you meet will say they need a...

Jul 29th, 2016
Lee Fernandes

Making Web Performance Gains Look Easy

For the launch of's most recent iteration, we prioritized "performance gains" as one of our top wish list...

Jul 22nd, 2016
John Miseroy

Increase Your Client Loyalty for Free

Why Should You Be More Transparent With Clients? Any decent relationship “expert” out there will tell you that honesty with...