Digital Fitness


The Challenge

Leveraging smarter tech to build stronger bodies.

Based in sunny San Diego, California, Corvaso is a forward-thinking fitness startup combining the most effective categories of exercise into one seamless platform. Think P90-X meets Crossfit meets Pandora meets Youtube. Intense cross training workout videos are served online to give the user the ability to work out any time from anywhere. Each high-definition workout is informed by user made preferences and behaviors to create a tailored fitness experience each time.

Corvaso engaged us to rebrand and elevate the UI/UX of their digital platform and that we did. Starting with the identity development and on through web, we had creative input at every iteration.

The Must Haves
Identity Creation
Web UI/UX Design & Development
Content Strategy & Messaging

Boasting such a unique name required a unique mark that would contrast against the predictable fitness brandmarks flooding the online space. We arrived at a simple yet abstract overlap of two C's to form the shape of a dumbbell in the negative space. Brought to life with a vibrant orange and custom typeface, the Corvaso brand is bold, succinct and memorable.

Simplicity was key for the user interface and navigation flow. Users can access Corvaso workouts from anywhere with internet access, so we had to create an intuitive experience that translated from desktop to tablet to mobile seamlessly. An intelligent back-end engine remembers a user's preferred training type, difficulty level and overall rating to tailor a contextual workout with each log in.

Corvaso is a smarter, heavier lifting online fitness platform that we're excited to be partnered with. With an ever-expanding library of high-definition content, we're hopeful to see things take off. Their launch will be a healthy disruption to a growing industry in need of better technology and more tailored workout experiences.


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