Human Trafficking Awareness

Eye Heart World

The Challenge

Waging war against an epidemic with pixels, code and leather.

Eye Heart World is a non-profit organization that makes and sells handbags to raise funding and awareness in the fight against human trafficking. Each product impacts an initiative that tells you exactly what your purchase supports, from community outreach for at-risk youth, to placing a therapy dog in aftercare homes for trafficking survivors.

After creating EHW's identity and first Ecommerce website nearly 5 years ago, it was time for a refresh. Although the model had evolved, the core need remained — an intuitive shopping experience that would best spotlight the life-changing influence of each purchase.

The Must Haves
Identity Creation
Ecommerce Build (Shopify)
Web UI/UX Design & Development
Content Strategy & Messaging
Photo & Video Content

The first step of our partnership with EHW was refeshing their existing identity and collateral. In order to maintain the theme of awareness we lead with real, hard-hitting statistics of the human trafficking industry on the back of each business card.

Information architecture sessions between content strategists and the visual design team helped establish a new sitemap that enhances the user experience. The final result is an improved content organization that streamlines the Ecommerce experience.

As Eye Heart World continues to grow in the non-profit space, so did the need for a site with a more robust Ecommerce experience. But, such an important cause deserved more than a pre-set templated shopping experience could provide. The new site boasts original design integrated on the Shopify platform for a seamless branded feel and custom user interface.

It was critical for the founders to communicate to their buyers how they planned to use the proceeds from each purchase. Engaging, full browser-width initiative images are found on each individual product page with a brief description explaining the precise impact of that product purchase. Products were flagged with updatable tags in Shopify so the EHW team could continue to tie in new product lines to their respective initiatives.

Emphasizing the Eye Heart World story meant depicting the epidemic that is human trafficking in today's world, coupled with tangible ways to help and the real-life impact of each product purchase. A responsive experience from desktop down to mobile featured upbeat lifestyle and product imagery which set a pleasant tone for the site narrative, "Buy a Bag, Carry the Cause"

Custom product photography on white seamless backgrounds captures subtle product textures and details with ample warmth, providing a solid foundation for Eye Heart World's evolving product line.


Lexi Miller