Sales Center Presentations

MediaLab 3D Solutions

The Challenge

Building and selling homes with the touch of a finger.

Based in Tampa Bay, MediaLab 3D Solutions is a digital content creation house providing leading-edge imaging solutions to the architectural design and consumer products industries. When partnering with builders, MediaLab helps transform their current static sales centers into dynamic, interactive sales offices.

Previously Brave People partnered with the MediaLab team on several different projects, including Sales Center Presentations (SCPs) for some of the nation’s largest builders. When their team approached us about partnering on the creation of their most innovative SCP yet, we happily agreed.

The Must Haves
Secondary Research
Art Direction & Illustration
User Interface Design
User Experience Design

Over the course of several months and hundreds of hours, the MediaLab team interfaced closely with Brave visual designers and UX engineers. Planning the user experience was accomplished over many iterations of hand-sketched prototypes to keep things agile. Steps, screens and buttons were stripped away in order to provide a straight-forward interface that was completely user-agnostic.

Previous research from MediaLab uncovered gender preferences in the way they viewed the same information on the SCP. Women tended to favor bright, large imagery of homes while men preferred having prices, sizes and other statistics highly visible and not hidden under layers of pictures or other information. We created an experience for both preferences on the same screen, enlarging the size and weight of prices, lot size, and square footage alongside scrollable, engaging images on every screen.

SCPs are viewed on 67” flat screen displays with touch-responsiveness and called for an enticing and unique customer experience. The MediaLab team provided their needs, wish list and other considerations that guided the creation of the new sales center presentation. First, the position of the agent and customer in relation to the screen.

Depending on their discussion with a given client, agent’s may choose to begin the SCP at any given point, so it was necessary to create an experience that flowed in a linear manner and would accomplish the same thing from any given starting point.

Because the sales agent typically stands on the left-hand side of the customer, all touch-screen functionality was placed within close proximity of the agent’s location, where one can swipe without having to extend the arm fully. This meant that all touch-responsive hand gestures on the screen should avoid obstructing the customer’s view any time a button is clicked or a selection is made. Similarly, the main menu collapses and expands with a simple swipe, providing a clutter-free view of the homes as the screen’s focal point.

The design showcases cool violet gradient backdrops, with matching dark fonts, buttons, and drop down menus. Bright pops of illustration inside colorful round icons provides just the right amount of visual interest without being overly playful.