Interactive Hospitality


The Challenge

Creating an unforgettable check-in experience at Nickelodeon resorts.

Nickelodeon, a Viacom company and well-known children's television network had a need for an original, branded application for the launch of their new hotel experiences in select markets. Aiming to improve the check-in experience for their youngest guests, Nickelodeon sought out Brave People to create a fun, interactive and engaging first impression for their favorite audience.

The timed labrynth-style game leverages the iPad's built in accelerometer to navigate SpongeBob throughout a perilous treasure island while balancing on a beach ball - easy right? Users aim to collect random items while discovering a whole cast of Nickelodeon characters along the way. In-game finds reveal various amenities available during a guest's stay such as character meet-and-greets and toy rentals.

The Must Haves
Art Direction
Game Concept
UI/UX Design & Strategy
Native iPad app development

As long-time fans of SpongeBob SquarePants, we set out to create an exciting adventure for our porous friend. Hand drawn prototypes of his treasure map world and accompanying UX strategy was the first step. Inspired to showcase the game in a flat-design motif, our creative team illustrated all assets and characters from scratch.

The goal for users is to successfully guide SpongeBob throughout the narrow paths and steep cliffs of our island without falling into the ocean in a timed treasure hunt. As the player, you're tasked with helping SpongeBob collect as many familiar items as possible from his friends stationed at different checkpoints on the map.

Recreating such a well-known animated character meant ensuring our design team preserved SpongeBob's highly recognizable features and characteristics within the flat style that was set for the project. This sponge spectrum depicts reactions that reflect the character's familiar personality as he balances his way to safety.

The game's timer was key to the user experience given the brief duration of the hotel check-in experience where an iPad allows young waiting guests to play the game. Rounds of usability testing ensured maximum fun and all treasure map objects could be collected within the time allotted.

Creating this gameified check-in experience for SpongeBob and the Nickelodeon team gave us an opportunity to reimagine a favorite character and deliver a memorable check-in experience to Nickelodeon hotel guests.


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