Payment Processing

Pay N Seconds

The Challenge

Helping consumers pay smarter, anywhere, at anytime.

As a provider of the latest payment processing services and technology on the web, Pay N Seconds helps clients stay relevant and keep up with their consumers’ demanding needs. However, outdated logos, stock imagery, and confusing content was communicating the very opposite of an innovative payment solutions provider.

Pay N Seconds decided to up their game in the digital payment space and approached Brave People for a complete brand and web rehaul. See how we were able to bring the Pay N Seconds brand into the same class as their leading-edge products.

The Must Haves
Updated Identity System
Web UI/UX Design & Development
Improved Information Architecture
Content Strategy
Brand Messaging & Positioning
Competitor Research Analysis
CMS Integration
Iconography & Illustration
Motion Graphic Content
Branded Collateral Materials
SEO Analysis & Implementation

The updated logo de-emphasized the ‘N’ formerly central to the brandmark and now includes a credit card silhouette within a P-shaped speech bubble – an homage to the value the company places on making communication simple for clients and their consumers, as well as the brand name. Blue and purple gem-like hues are unexpected compared to the stereotypical green that’s found in many traditional financial tech brands.

Letterhead, business cards, brochures, banners and trade show materials were created with bright visuals found on the site that compliment the new jovial brand aesthetic. Pay N Seconds’ client portal also received updated assets and color palette to ensure a parallel brand experience that spans print, web and product software.

Contrasted with a more modern logo and visual style, the new look aimed to increase longevity in the brand as a whole. Opting not to use photography on the new site, a complete ecosystem of hand-drawn illustrations, icons and motion graphics poised the new identity for a youthful takeover of the former site.

We created a distinct, modern voice for the Pay N Seconds brand. The style and tone of messaging throughout the site is casual, self-assured and current. Punchy, memorable taglines complement the cheeky animated scenes and design elements. Additionally, the simple navigation and clean layout provides a more engaging and intuitive user experience.

Our product-focused approach meant distilling the previously overflowing navigation into three main pages of long-scrolling content with unmissable call-to-actions. Users experience varying types of functionality and interactive content as they explore information throughout the site from desktop to mobile.

In the Pay N Seconds video, brand assets are brought to life in an equally vibrant animated world all their own. A retro art direction inspired the MS DOS computer, iconic Tetris game and other design elements in the video. The motion graphic experience unpacks the benefits and services by intentionally calling out their competition’s differences. The result is an animation quirky but clear and purposefully executed. It’s bright, clean, and a touch sarcastic, much like the website. The accompanying song adds to the retro vibe and cheeky voiceover ties the feel together.


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